The stained glass I do is almost entirely done with lead, copper, brass and zinc channel rather than with copper foil.  This is because I tend to make larger doors and windows rather than smaller, hanging pieces or “suncatchers”.  I use Cascade Reforce lead, a lead that contains a brass core which makes it quite strong.  It can’t be cut with the traditional lead knife; I use a bandsaw.  All of my stained glass is commissioned, and most is done for private residences.  This is very enjoyable, as it gives me the chance to meet many different people and design panels to meet their particular tastes and needs.  I also make the trim and molding to install the glass, most of which is installed on the inside of thermal glazing, as well as custom doors in mahogany, oak or teak.  Foam-cored steel or fiberglass doors are fine for stained glass, too; these doors are often a good choice when weather conditions are a factor.
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