Here are some places on the web that I like; I hope you’ll find them interesting and informative, too...
The Woodman Dot Org:  Not only does The Woodman host my site, he’s also an all-around computer whiz, writer and general good guy.  The Woodman and Tux are best buddies.
Magic Light Neon:  If you need neon, this is the place to go.  They can make your neon sign and install it, too.
Bullseye Glass:  Some of my favorite glass, and Bullseye has a great-looking website with lots of information.
Cognitoy:  The developers of Mind Rover, which just might be the best computer game ever.  Cognitoy proved that you can have fun, and I mean lots of fun, while designing robot vehicles and then watching them compete against each other.  I’ve been playing Mind Rover for a couple of years and haven’t begun to fathom the depths of this game.
The Mudcat Café: Your source for folk and traditional lyrics (some with MIDI files) and an interesting, lively BBS discussion.  They even let banjo players in...
Chiff & Fipple:  Even if you don’t play the pennywhistle, I think you’ll still like this large, funny and entertaining site.
The Edgar Allen Poe Literary Society:  â€śWhat did you do in the war, daddy?”  Well, I mostly flew around with these guys in Laos...
Susie Gibbs Framing & Art Gallery:  First-class framing, an interesting gallery and the best food at show openings I’ve ever had.  And they handle my glasswork, too.
Kokomo Opalescent Glass:  Right here in Indiana since 1888, and they’re
still making some fine glass.  It’s not just opalescent; check out their on-line samples for an incredible variety of colors and patterns.