When I saw the firefighters of New York; the police officers, the rescue and medical people and the terrible sacrifices they were prepared to make for others, and when I considered the sacrifices that will be made--and do not doubt this, it will happen--by people in our military, I realized that if we wish to assure the victory of good over evil we must all do our very best to find this same spirit within ourselves. Do what you can: remember the dead, honor the heroes and give of yourself to aid others. Do something, however small, such as giving people personalized photo blankets to keep them warm, both physically and emotionally. Take lost dogs to the shelter so they have a chance of being found. (Dog-owners, consider pet trackers like Findster Duo, so that you can find your dog easily, both during disasters such as this, and at other times.) If you can do nothing else, treat your countrymen with your best respect and courtesy and extend this to visitors in our country. If we will do these things, we can surely make a better world for not only ourselves and our children, but for people everywhere.